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FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit

March 14-15  |  London, UK

Booth #20

[Main Stage Keynote]

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Unleashing GenAI's Potential in AFC 

Join SymphonyAI and Microsoft to learn about the impact of GenAI in anti-financial crime in 2024. Discover key considerations in adopting GenAI to give you full confidence in the ever evolving financial crime landscape.

  • Is Gen AI the answer to becoming extraordinary?
  • Understand the impact Gen AI is having on anti-financial crime programs in 2024
  • Learn key considerations in Gen AI adoption for the future


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Discover how SymphonyAI is revolutionising financial crime investigation

With the financial crime landscape evolving more quickly than ever, now is the perfect time to visit us at Transform Finance in London.

Learn about using GenAI in anti-financial crime in our Keynote with Microsoft  at 9.40am on the Main Stage - From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Unleasing GenAI's Potential in AFC.

Follow up with a visit to our stand - booth #20 - to see for yourself how our end-to-end, AI-powered solutions can help you make smarter, faster, more accurate decisions in case management, risk management, and investigations. 

Learn how we can help you:

  • Imbue your existing case management and detection engine solutions with our AI-powered products
  • Improve investigation efficiency and productivity, streamlining cases and reporting
  • Eliminate data siloes, improve entity resolution, and reduce false positive alerts
  • Enjoy consistent high standards of transparency for regulatory compliance and reporting



Seeing is Believing

Book your meeting and demo now and discover how SymphonyAI's connected solutions are revolutionizing the anti-financial crime landscape. Experience the transformative power of predictive and generative AI, and understand how our product ecosystem delivers transformational SaaS solutions that empower organization-based investigations, improve risk detection, and combat financial crime faster and more effectively than ever before.

Book a Meeting with Us

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See how our end-to-end, integrated AI-powered solutions can help you 

Trusted by over a third of the world’s biggest banks, our award-winning finance technology has proven to solve their biggest compliance challenges, delivering powerful capabilities and remarkable efficiencies, and is constantly evolving to meet the regulatory needs of today.

Discover incredible anti-financial crime innovations including:

  • SensaAI for sanctions - give your screening capabilities a major boost with an AI-powered augmentation that significantly improves match accuracy to reduce false positives and prioritise high risk alerts.
  • Sensa Investigation Hub - Consolidate your enterprise-wide risk and compliance tech stack with a single, AI-powered case manager. Arm your investigators with Sensa Copilot, an AI investigative assistant that can source, analyse, and summarise data at scale to enhance investigator productivity by 70%.

It all adds up to a comprehensive financial crime solution for your organization that allows you to start using and seeing the benefits from AI-powered tools in tandem with your current detection engine. Efficient, effective, effortless.

We can't wait to tell you more.